Friday, February 3, 2012

It's a brave, new world...

It's terrifying for someone as set in her ways as I am to venture into a world that is so thoroughly populated by incredibly interesting and talented people. Seven years ago I ventured into my mother's world of quilting. Actually, I did a swan dive into the shallow end by taking on the quilt show. Now I walk comfortably among those people.

About five years ago I reluctantly built a LinkIn page (albiet with little actual information and no photo - I wasn't that brave). This year my job market research for my classes has indicated that I can't just sit back on this aspect of social networking either. So now I'm actually connecting with friends, family, and former students. How amazing to be able to keep up with what's going on in people's lives!

Last year I accidentally joined Facebook. Before I could figure out how to delete my page, I had two friends. I heard from friends I hadn't seen since high school! I'm now in daily contact with quilters in Ireland! I "talk" to my friends in Colorado, Missouri, and Florida. I know what's going on in so many lives. I've expanded my "family" in ways I never expected.

Last week, I really screwed my courage to the sticking point by starting this blog. I never thought I would get the courage to tell people about it, but this morning, I closed my eyes, held my breath, and hit the button to send my site address to Facebook. I'm glad I did. Thank you to my family and friends for the encouraging responses. If no one ever visits again, at least I know that many of you were supportive enough of to me to look the first time!

And by the way, I finally added my photo to LinkedIn yesterday. Aaaaauuuuggghhhh! For the first time, I am publically identifying myself as something other than a cat. Don't tell anyone.

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