Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fabric, fabric, and more fabric...revealed.

Yep. Here was my big purchase. Three yards of the batik on the right and five yard of the one on the left. Oh dear. But aren't they gorgeous?

I thought I'd gotten my red and white obsession out of my system with my last two quilts, but apparently not. I LOVE polka dots, and the other two fat quarters just had to come with them.

More batiks, this time in fat quarters. I LOVE the brownish one on the top! I used a fabric very similar to this one as a border for a quilt for my nephew (you can see it on my Quilt Time page). He called it snake fabric.

I resisted the urge to buy many yards of the fabric on the top. Unfortunately, I know where the shop is. There's no guarantee that more of this won't come home with me eventually. No, no, I must resist! But it's so pretty... and look at it with the polka dot below it.

 My favorite fabric color is green. Especially this shade. Isn't that top fabric just too much fun? The top is a large check, separated from the small check by a ruler. There's a ruler on the bottom as well. Cute.

Miscellaneous brown fabrics. Did I mention that I love polka dots?

Now I need some suggestions for what to do with so many fat quarters. I rarely use fat quarters, but I do love to buy them. Pattern suggestions, anyone? By the way, these certainly don't need to go together - I have a great many fat quarters to choose from.


  1. Ok, lets see, I want a quilt including the top pic right fabric. One from the greens, and one from the assort batiks. The last quilt with the wild swirly colors and several polka dots. You make keep your reds. See how sweet I'm being. Oh and I'll take the butterfly quilt (the one not claimed by your cat). I am only trying to clear our space so you can keep quilting. I am only thinking of you.

    1. All right, Trish, be careful what you ask for. If I were to make a quilt using those fabrics, you know you would get it for Christmas - wild, swirly colors and everything!

      You are, however, welcome to have the butterfly quilt if you really do want it. The picture shows it on the guest bed, which is full sized. It wouldn't fit your king sized bed, but it would fit Hannah's bed. It would also fit Zach's, but somehow I can't see him cuddling up under pink butterflies. Just let me know for sure. Any time you want to help me clear out space, just point to what you want. (Sorry, but this offer is limited to family, folks!)

    2. By the way, Bree, you ARE included in that family offer. Let me know if you see anything you like.


    3. Oh, dear sister, I must have misplaced a comma. That was several from each section. You would make one with all just to make me nausea.


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