Friday, February 10, 2012

It's hard to believe that a year ago today I was looking at my cars and seeing two feet of snow.
Today it's cold and wet, but certainly not snowy. We have have one of the mildest winters on the records. In fact, we have had no measureable snow at all this winter. I really miss it, and not just because I get off of work when the school closes (although, admittedly, that's a bonus).

Sinbad and Tessie are practicing staying warm just in case.

Last summer we added a sunroom to the front of our house. We wanted to be able to sit and watch the snow while being surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers. Or at least by the cats. No snow. Quite frankly, if not for the impending cold snap this weekend, I could probably have left most of these plants outside! 
I always water my plants on Friday since I leave work at noon, so today is watering day. Thankfully, it rained bucketfuls last week, so I can use rain water and not my sulpher and sodium rich well water. That is if I can get Sinbad's head out of the watering can. That can has become his new favorite drinking "cup." I keep having to pick hair and whiskers out of the water!

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