Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Q.U.I.L.T. guild meeting tomorrow night

Well, I've loaded a few more pictures onto my Quilt Time page, but I could not get one of my camera disks to download. I have another camera at home and will attack its disk later this week, so I'll have some more quilt/cat photos to share then.

Meanwhile, my guild has a meeting tomorrow with Suzanne Kitrell as our guest speaker. She will be discussing Layers of Color, Layers of Fabric. I'm presuming that means she's a fiber artist. I'm looking forward to her trunk show. I enjoy fiber art although I'm not very talented in that direction. I don't have enough talent or nerve to try it!

Speaking of trunk shows, my own mother has been asked to present a trunk show for the Grove,OK, guild on March 2. Her first trunk show! I'm so proud. Of course, that means that my walls are currently bare and my beds are noticeably lower looking. I've been hauling in the quilts that she has given to me over the years so that she will have as many as possible to choose from for her show. She has also raided my brother's house. My sister and her kids' quilts are safe though. Trish lives too far away for a quick raid.

Good luck, Mom! I know you'll do great!

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