Monday, February 20, 2012

Last of the Tonga Batik BOMs done!

At last! I finished the last three Tonga Batik BOMs yesterday. I took me all day to complete the last three blocks because I kept getting interrupted by things like housework (yuck!) and dog walks (okay, well, I enjoyed that part). I admit I have to suppress the occassional awakening of the green-eyed monster when I read about quilters who do not have 40 hour jobs. Oh well, teaching is its own reward, right?

October - I think this one would have been better had I swappeded the green and the orange colors.
November - What a strange block... I think I'd better check the layout again. Something doesn't look right.
 December - The brown batiks run straight across the middle just like the blues do, but the mottled batik on the left and right make it look a little confusing in the photo. 
 Here is the whole year laid out. From what the others are telling me about this BOM, the setting and borders take quite a lot of time. Yippee. So if it took me a year to get to this point, it should take me... let's see... carry the one... add vacation time... multiply by lazy days... Yep. It should take me forever.  

If you've read my February To Do list on the right of the blog, you'll notice that this particular quilt is not listed for this month. Unfortuantely, I got bored again. I'm close to getting the African mask wall-hanging done, but I really needed to work on something that wasn't red or orange. The blues and green of this quilt were just the ticket. Now I guess I'll get back to binding the wall-hanging until I get the urge to tackle something more challenging again...

Is anyone else working on something that's a little more challenging than your usual? I'd love to hear from you.

Until later... have a great day, everyone.

P.S. By the way, I added more pictures of my dogs to the Man's and Woman's Best Friends page.

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