Monday, April 2, 2012

And now for something new and different - well, no, actually it's even MORE fabric!

Even I can't believe how much fabric I still have to show, so I'm going to throw the last pictures on here and get it all over with today. That means that I'll actually have to get back to sewing after today so that I can't keep relying on photos of fabrics to get me by. I'll actually have to start working with them now! Yeah!

I love these three batik fabrics! Look at that luscious piece on the top left. Can't you just see that as borders? I hope I have enough. I can't believe I spent so much money and can still want more! The store had the same pattern in a white color-way, but I love rich colors. Mom bought the lighter version. I did give in and buy some of the light batik on the bottom right though.

Keeping with my aquas theme, here is another aqua background fabric paired with a lovely pink batik. Sigh. Aren't they beautiful? Those swaying flowers on such a delicate pink background make me want to don a tutu and dance. Remember the hippos from Fantasia? : p

Have I mentioned that red is very difficult for me to photograph? This shiny looking piece actually is very rich and vibrant looking. I LOVE it. I'm going to have to make another four more quilts just to use up all of the additional red fabric that I've bought since I made the last two red quilts! : )

I love geometric prints. Squares, plaids, circles, blocks, I don't care - I love them all! This violet-blue is going to be perfect for something some day, I just know it!

Another selection of batik fabrics. These just cried out to me. I have yet to make an entirely pink quilt, but I feel one coming on. Wait a minute, entirely pink? I think not! Look at those lovely blues, greens, and purples in the print fabric. I can do all sorts of things with this fabric! This is one of the pieces that most grabs my attention. That is, when I'm not distracted by the next two fabrics...

 Again, I love motion and activity in a fabric. I could never make an Amish quilt because I just can't do solids. This is a nice lavender background fabric with lots of character.

Since I was a child, I have loved pink with blue and lavender with blue. This is a little of all three. Again a batik just crying out for love!  

Owls anyone? The lovely brown batik will be the tree fabric if I decide to do my owl wall hanging in batiks. The assortment of fat quarters on top will become owl wings, heads, and bodies. Below are the lighter, pastel fabrics that will become owl breasts and faces as needed. The black batik will be the hole in the tree for one of the owls to be hiding in.

If I decide to use regular cottons rather than batiks, I will use the lovely pastels in this charm pack to make my owls. While you can's see the fabrics, you can get an idea of the colors. I don't want to remove the squares from the packaging because they'll get scattered and lost. I'll just keep the label wrapper on them until I get ready to use them. You don't get to see the actual fabrics, but I get peace of mind.

So which is it going to be - batik owls or regular cotton owls? Any opinions?

'Til later,


  1. Oh My Gosh!!!! Is there fabric left at the store??

  2. Which store? We went to seven, and I swear I left enough at each one to allow them to limp through until their next delivery! Come on by the house, and you can swipe enough to make some quilts of your own. Your first one was beautiful! Tell Korah she needs to make another quilt as well. What did she ever do with her wall hanging?

  3. She gave it as a baby quilt to a young family at our church. I haven't been able to get into my sewing room in months. First the ceiling now the rest of the house in being stored in that room. Ready for less chaos!


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