Friday, April 20, 2012

Red Seas and Harvest Times

How fitting. Mom's feathers remind me a little of scroll work. Maybe instead of Red Sea, I should call this quilt Red Sea Scrolls, do you think? I like it!

 The outer edge triangles have half designs.

 A full design on a light square.

A distance view of the pattern.

 A complete feathered circle on the red squares as well.

A really good photo of the feathers on a light square.

Yesterday, Mom finished quilting my Harvest Time Mystery Quilt from two - or was it three?- years ago at the Q.U.I.L.T. Retreat to the Hills. She did a great job, as usual! Here are some photos, starting with the backing.

I actually had to buy fabric for the back of this quilt. I couldn't find anything that was the right color or feel in my stash. This fabric came from Digital Quiltz in Eureka Springs, AR. John's sister was clearancing out the shop after John's passing earlier this year. Now I'll think of John and Martha every time I see my quilt. That will be a nice memory. The photo shows the colors a little darker than they actually are. The flash on my camera phone didn't go off. Camera phone photos, you say? I know, but I was in a tearing hurry this morning, and it was the best I could do if I wanted to get something posted today. I broke my husband's car Wednesday, so he had to drive me in to work this morning. That means that I was on his time schedule instead of mine.

This photo is actually a little light, but it shows off the quilting nicely, so I included it. Isn't the quilting beautiful?

Way too dark of a photo. I hoped to show one of the butterflies in the red square, but oh well. You'll just have to use your imagination.

 Again, a bit light on the colors, but you can see one of the cute little butterflies in the green.

Entirely too dark without the flash again, but a great shot once more of some of the quilting.

A look at the overall Turning Twenties design that we were given for our mystery quilt. I chose the inner border design to give it a bit more challenge then used a wide outer border to feature my lovely focal print fabric. Fairly accurate on the coloring in this photo.

Ooh, I caught one of the red butterflies with this shot!

 Another view of some of the pattern. This photo shows the colors the best. Aren't they lovely and warm?

 Callie (on the far right) was trying to help me lay out this quilt.

Okay, so I'm now up to five large quilts to bind, right? Aaauuugh! It's a good thing I have July off because I think I know what I'll be doing! How exciting. At least I know that I'll have a couple of quilts to enter in our guild quilt show next April.

Back to grading...


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