Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My first owl oops!

Okay, so I learned my lesson. I was greatly distracted last night by the announcement of the firing of the University of Arkansas' head football coach. Enough said.

I should not have tried starting my new applique quilt while thus distracted. Since my actual experience with applique is next to zilch (okay, it stands at one project), I really have to think about what I'm supposed to do before I do it. I decided to start my quilt and make my shy owl who is supposed to be hiding in the hole in the tree. So far, so good. Except that I started on an easy curve before I realized that the tree will be reverse appliqued over the top, and the curved portion of this owl is not supposed to be appliqued down. It's supposed to lie flat under the curve of the hole. Oops! My first stitches in this new and greatly anticipated (at least by me!) project, and I had to tear them out. : ( 

As you can see in the pattern below, I need to sew from the bottom right to the top left and leave the rest alone. Where were you when I needed someone to tell me that?

After tearing out these stitches, I started again on the bottom right of the pattern and began working over his back towards his ear.

The orange piece will be his beak, the green his iris, and the black the pupil of his eye. That is if I don't make any more errors and wind up throwing it all out the window! *Deep breath - and out*

Wish me luck as I try again tonight. I'll let you know tomorrow how it goes.



  1. Love these owls! And your fabrics so far, can't wait to see your little shy owl!

  2. Thanks, Ginny. My other owls will be gaily colored, but this little, shy owl has to blend in a little - except for his bright eyes!


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