Monday, April 16, 2012


Shy Owl now has a beak! I made a great deal of progress on my owl wall hanging this weekend. I spent Saturday at a training session that allowed me get most of the trunk sewn down. Sunday was a little more problematic. We had terrible storms most of the day, so I wasn't able to sew on my machine. Hand sewing was fine until the power went off. I sat out in my sunroom semi-sunny/semi-cloudy room and sewed until the dark clouds made it impossible. Here's my progress so far.

 Shy Owl, the tree trunk, and the lower branches are finished.

The upper branches are still pinned down. Mom says that she bastes large patterns like this instead of pinning to keep from bleeding all over the project. Great idea! Unfortunately, I already had the pins in, and I'm too lazy stubborn to take them out.

 Shy Owl surveying his domain. Is his beak on straight? I've been worried about it...

Good-bye, whoot-whoot!


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