Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ready for more fabric photos?

These are probably my favorite batik fabrics from this purchasing foray. All three are varying shades of blue-grey (or gray). I bought one, two, and three yards from right to left. The polka dot is by far my favorite. I probably would have purchased more if I hadn't been being watched very carefully by a sweet lady who really wanted some of that fabric herself. I had never met the woman before, but all quilters are friends, so I was happy to share (okay, semi-happy).

The neutral at the upper left is going to be the background for my owl pattern and the goldish material will, believe it or not, be the tree. Again, photographing in a small, dark, enclosed area with less than perfect lighting definitely poses a challenge in getting the color right. It's actually a carmel brown. Now, that's the plan. However, look at how well that color matches the fabric in the middle... Oh dear. I may wind up buying a different brown for the tree and pairing these two fabrics in a different project. Do you ever do that? Buy a fabric with one project in mind and then steal it for something else?

This is not a good photo, color-wise. I tried several times, but you still can't tell that it's green. I love the movement in this fabric, though, so I had to have it.

Anyone like yellow? Bright, eye-searing yellow? I do!

I bought both of these batiks at Sager Creek in Silaom Springs. The brown is perfect tree color for a batik version of my owl pattern, isn't it? I'm torn between regular cotton and batik for that project. I prefer to quilt with batik, so I'm really beginning to lean that direction. In fact, later this week I'll show you the batik fabrics I bought just-in-case I go that direction.

Bits of this drgonfly batik would be good in owls, too, wouldn't they?

Reminder: Here's my pattern. Regular cottons or batiks? Leave a comment and tell me what you think. I really am torn... (and of course, I have fabrics for both - two quilts, maybe?)

More fabric tomorrow! 'Til then...

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