Monday, April 23, 2012

I have a new pattern!

First a photo of the finished top of my tree. I ironed it last night, but the current wrinkles are compliments of Sinbad who can't seem to resist sleeping in/on the tree.

Now. Finally. My new pattern (I've been waiting oh, so patiently for a month now - ha!) just arrived in the mail yesterday. I won't tell you how many e-mails I sent to Hancock's of Paducah asking them where my pattern was. Okay, so it was only two, but I thought about sending one EVERY SINGLE DAY! Are you ready?

Ta-da! Its the Farmer's Market pattern from Laundry Basket Quilts 2011. Isn't it great?


Bottom. Double click on the photos to enlarge them if you want to see the pattern better.

I'm trying to convince Mom that we need to do this quilt together. (Actually I'm a little intimidated by it as a project just for me, but don't tell Mom that.) Since there is so much coping going on in this pattern, it won't even matter if our sizing is different. We'll "cope." I think we ought to agree on a color scheme and draw from our scraps and stashes. We both have plenty. Mom hates half-square triangles, and I love them. Mom loves log cabin blocks, and I hate them. See? It's perfect! Five years or so from now we may actually see it completed (smile).

We're enjoying such a beautiful spring, that I thought I'd show you a few more flower shots.

I saw these white buttercups on the side of a stream while my husband, mother, and I were walking the dogs.

Above is my husband's beautiful American Beauty rose from California. This rose bush is covered with dozens of black/red, frilly blossoms. They're so large and heavy that the canes are bending to the ground.

I can't remember the name of this rose, but my sister bought it for us for my husband's and my anniversary about three years ago. Its scent is just as beautiful as its color, size, and shape. I love it. Thanks, Sis. 

My Gertrude Jeckyl rose isn't in full bloom yet, but give it a day or two. This is an old-fashioned rose and has lovely pink blossoms with a wonderful strong scent.

Another shot of my beautiful dark purple irises. These are three blossoms together.

Another rose whose name I've forgotten. This one does not have any scent, but it looks beautiful and blooms proficiently.

And one last shot of the bi-colored buttercups. These blossoms are both from the same plant. I must admit I prefer the yellow, but the white does have novelty on its side. : )

I'm shooting for some leaves on my tree tomorow. Well, actually, I'm "sewing" for some leaves on my tree...

'Til then,


  1. Beautiful roses and flowers! Good luck with the Farmer's Market quilt. Love the look, not sure I have the patience!

    1. Thanks, Rachel. I'll be tackling that Farmer's Market when I'm REALLY in the mood for a challenge. I love not playing by the rules, so the odd mix of blocks and irregular coping strips are right up my alley! Thanks for visiting.

  2. It's a great pattern...congrats on your patience! ;)
    Thank you for your visit...


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