Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quick update

Just a quick note to say that I'm sorry I haven't posted anything new this week. As I warned in my last post, I'm neck deep in grading papers, preparing interview questions, and getting ready to give finals. Tuesday is my last day to give interviews (43 of them!), so I should be able to take a breath again then. Whew!

I'm still sneaking in stitches on my owl wallhanging when I can. I'm currently working on the upper branches and looking forward to starting on the leaves and flowers. The owls are still a little way off. Tonight is Busy Bees night with some of my best quilting buddies. If this migraine I have now eases off, I should be able to go and get quite a bit done (while steadfastly ignoring all of the schoolwork waiting for me - sshhh, don't tell the students I'm playing hooky!). If the migraine persists, I'll be home in bed within the next two hours and STILL not getting my schoolwork done.

I haven't posted a photo yet of the beautiful quilting job Mom did on my Red Sea quilt. I'll try to sneak in some time (maybe tomorrow) to get some posted so you can see it. I'm really excited about it. Eventually I'll actually find the time to get it bound. ; ) I have four large quilts waiting for binding. My goodness! I have never had more than one quilt this close to the finishing line at one time before!

Gotta go - I have a meeting in seven minutes, six, five,...


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