Friday, April 6, 2012

Good news on the UFO front!

Okay, after several weeks, I finally sewed the label on my hearts quilt. Finished - officially! Now I can finally update my UFO page and my To-Do List on my home page.  : )

And that's not the only news. Are you ready? My Tonga batik quilt has been quilted! Yes, yes, I still need to bind and label it, but it's close be doing done, does that count?

Mom did a fantastic job, as usual. Happy dance! I discovered something about batting, though. I'm used to using Warm and Natural 100% cotton. It's a nice, medium weight batting. This time I needed a king sized batting, which I did not have in my stash. I also need a king for the Red Sea quilt that is at Mom's house as we speak. Well, I found two affordable king sized Hobbs 100% cotton battings, so I bought them. This must be the one that hand quilters use... I have never seen such a thin batting before in my life! The quilt weighs next to nothing and is barely thicker than the original top! My biggest challenge now is to figure out  what width of binding to use. I usually cut a 2" binding to get an even 1/4" per side. I'm thinking maybe
1 1/4"-1 1/2". Anyone have any suggestions? I'll have to practice with some scraps and see what works.

Here is my next good news. Mom also finished quilting my Black and Blue quilt. Can you see the pretty swirls at the top? I love my red stripe! It really pops in all of the blue and black. *Smile*

I have a Dogwood Guild meeting tomorrow, so I won't be home in the morning to get any quilting done. I will probably spend the afternoon in the garden trying to tame back some of the overgrowth and find some of my flowers. I'll give you a hint of what you'll see here tomorrow...

Wild irises. : ) Surrounded by weeds. : (  And yes, all of those white dots you see in the upper background are, indeed, dandelion clocks. Sigh.

I'll meet you here tomorrow and show you some more garden shots.
'Til then...

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