Saturday, April 14, 2012

Shy owl is peering at you!

Okay, so the poor thing doesn't have a beak yet, but at least he can see. Here are three pictures from Friday night.

Today I got a lot of the trunk and some of the branches sewn down while sitting through a very long and extremely dull election training session. The info was good, but I thought that only my students, when asked, "Do you have any questions?" answered with, "Can you repeat all that, I wasn't listening." I really felt sorry for the presenter. Anyway, I will sew on my shy owl's beak this week and post a few more pictures later (maybe tomorrow if I have time between grading papers.

My posting over the next three weeks will probably be spotty. Please bear with me. Final exams are the first week of May, and I'm grading a lot of last minute papers now. The third week of May brings the primary election and a new five-week summer semester. I'll have a little more posting time in the afternoons then since I only have morning classes.

'Til later,

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