Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fantastic fabric photos

Okay, the photos may not be all that fantastic, but the fabrics sure are! Here are a few of them. I'll share a few each day over the next week so that the sheer volume doesn't overwhelm us.

This red is so bright that it is difficult to photograph. But trust me, it's luscious. Even Mom had to have some. My "some" amounted to three yards. I'm back to being hooked on red!

Did I mention that I'm back to being hooked on red? This red has black "spot with brilliant blue slashes in the middle. How fun!

And on to a very fun pink. this is an older fabric, so I didn't have to pay today's prices for it. I bought enough for a backing. Now I need to make a pink quilt.

And the last one I'm going to show you tonight - this lovely cream with light and dark blue speckles and a lovely country print to accompany it. This will make a wonderful country style quilt. I need to find a good "country" style pattern. Does anyone have any suggestions? Leave me a suggestion in the comment field. All ideas are welcome.

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