Monday, March 19, 2012

Another quilt top finished!

I started this quilt at the Q.U.I.L.T. retreat in 2009 as a mystery quilt. All I had left to do was adjust two of the borders that I had mismeasured and then put on the final border. If it was that easy, why didn't I do it years ago? Oh, who knows. I always had new quilts calling, I guess. Anyway, I hope Mom doesn't have any plans for this summer since she is my quilter. This is the third top done on my To-Do List page! Hip, hip hurrah! I've also finished one side of the border on my hearts quilt. Only three more sides to go. Spring break and rainy weather = project completion time!

 I decided to pick these daffodils before the rains destroys them. We're expecting 5-7" in the next 48 hours.

 More daffodils and some paperwhites. Don't those smell great?!?

I finished two quilt tops on Saturday and one today. Yesterday I didn't touch my sewing machine. Instead, my husband and I built this plant bench outside of my new sunroom. I built one inside for my indoor plants this winter, but it's nice enough to put some of them outside now, so they needed someplace to sit where my husband doesn't have to mow around them. It may not be fancy, but we live way out in the country, so who's to see but us? I like it.

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