Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Through a Window Darkly - or - Sinbad's Great Adventure

I lost Sinbad last night. Oh no, not that way. I mean I temporarily misplaced him. Maxie kitty woke me up at three o'clock this morning (she was hungry, of course), and I noticed that Sinnie was missing. He always sleeps with us, but I hadn't seen him since around nine last night when he and I were playing in the sunroom.

So I headed to the sunroom. We have been leaving the windows cracked open at nights since the weather is so nice, and sure enough, Sinbad had leaned against a screen, knocked it loose, and fallen through. That meant that my pampered, defenseless, little kitty had been out in the big, bad, dark world for about five hours. Poor baby! He certainly came running when I called. Apparently he can fall out of the window but can't figure out how to fall back in. He had hollowed out a bed for himself in the garden under the pinoak tree and was covered in dirt. Needless to say, he hit the food dish first then came to bed and spent 30 minutes purring himself into a calm enough state to sleep. Also needless to say, I did not sleep. Two and a half hours later, I was still awake when my alarm went off to get me up for work. Thanks, Sin.

I'll bet he's in the sunroom at this very minute trying to figure out how to get out the window again. Let's see, if you put your paws here... and lean your weight here...

On the quilting front...

I thought I would try sharing a You Tube link with you. If you want to know an easy way to cut bias strips for binding or applique, my great friend Pam at Sager Creek shows you how to fold your fabric just right...

Thanks for sharing, Pam! Check out her other You Tube videos as well.

'Til later,

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