Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I seem to be stalling...

My motor was revving like mad earlier this spring break; I finished two quilt tops on Saturday, built a garden bench on Sunday, and finished another quilt top on Monday. Tuesday I attended the funeral of a dear quilting friend and didn't feel like doing any quilting the rest of the day, although I did spend about an hour on binding.

Today I felt guilty about housework. Okay, you have to understand that I rarely feel guilty about housework. I just ignore it and plow a path through the house to my sewing room. So today I decided to do some cleaning. I won't talk about how deep the dust was in the guest room, but I've chiseled it off the headboard without damaging the wood too much. Unfortunately, I couldn't focus on housework for more than about 15 minutes at a time. I kept switching between sewing and cleaning. Which means, of course, that I did neither very effectively.

At one point between loading the washer and emptying the litter boxes, I started sewing some left over half square triangles together for a border for my Red Sea quilt. I planned to sew short strips of them and intersperce them with solid cream strips. My brain was so distracted that I allowed those silly little squares to sew themselves into a child's quilt. How did that happen? Now I need to make borders for that quilt as well tomorrow. Sigh. I'll post some photos tomorrow. It's late, and I'm typing this up from bed. Don't look!! I'm not wearing any make-up!

Anyway, I'm going to put my poor, stalling motor into the garage now and hope that it has more energy in the morning. I have a guild meeting tomorrow, so maybe that'll help rev up my imagination enough to create those borders before spring break is over and I have to return to grading papers. Goodnight, everyone.

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