Tuesday, March 6, 2012

One border down...

First, since I am new to blogging, I am constantly trying to improve the appearance, layout, and content of this blog. I apologize if the changes cause confusion. With that said, if you start looking for my Pages list, I have moved it from the right side of the site to the top. Please tell me if you have suggestions for improving ANY aspect of this blog. I am very receptive to hearing from you.

Now, on to my Tonga Batik again. As you can see, I finished the first border.

Okay, okay, so it's a 1 1/2" solid strip border. So it wasn't particularly hard to make. Have any of you ever laid out your quilt on the floor to measure it? Yes, of course. How about using a battery operated tape measure for measuring length and width? With four cats watching as the measuring tape goes back and forth, back and forth? A pouncing cat can wreak havoc with accurate measurements!

Anyway, the next two borders are pieced checkerboards ending in a final, wide outer strip border. Those checkerboards will require a tiny bit more time. I am accompanying my husband to a conference this weekend, so I will be switching projects for a while. I will be spending the next two nights packing and getting the house and pets ready for our absence (Mom will be house- and pet-sitting for us - thanks, Mom!), so I don't think I'll have much time to sew. I may try to get the binding constructed and sewn on to the heart quilt and take it with me to finish. I will also be taking my African mask quilt to work on. For variety (yes, I get bored quickly) and since I will be alone in a motel room for three solid days, I will also take an African lap quilt that I have been hand quilting on for a couple of years. I have not shown a photo of this quilt yet, so I should still have new things to post while I'm gone.

And, of course, I will be working on school work as well. Sigh...

Have a great quiting day,

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