Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The cats are plotting against me.

My cats are plotting against me. I tried once more last night to sew on the binding for my hearts quilt. I HAVE to get something finished soon! I got two more sides sewn before I had too many cats on the quilt to be able to move it. Thanks Tessie and Maxie. So I moved on to my Tonga Batik quilt. I'm still working on the checkerboard borders. I was actually going great guns until Sinbad decided that I needed to stop. One very long cat stretched out on my ironing board pretty much put a stop to any ironing. Fine. There was a PBS fundraiser on TV the other night, and I had recorded Celtic Thunder so that I could speed through the fundraising portions. Since I couldn't sew, I kicked back to enjoy some music and a show. I hope I didn't actually want to WATCH the TV... From this camera angle, you can't tell, but from my seated position on the couch, I saw more cat ears than I did singer. It's a good thing that the cat and the singer are equally handsome. Sinbad seemed to enjoy the show anyway.

I have seen this cat behavior before. It was 8:30, well past kitties' bedtimes apparently. Four against one is a little hard to beat, so I gave up and went to bed. Amazingly enough, not a single cat came with me. They remained in the sewing room making sure I didn't try to sneak back in.

I intend to get off work earlier this evening and head straight home and to the sewing room. If I'm lucky, I can get the final side of binding sewn onto my heart quilt before they can stop me. Wish me luck!

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