Friday, March 23, 2012

Another quilt top finished!

On the cutting board -

After being stuck for weeks trying to decide on a border, I finally settled on what I wanted and got it finished today. I wanted the outside to be softer looking than the middle pattern and not too busy - as in, not peiced. I know the fabric itself is busy, but isn't it pretty? : ) The stripe is not as bright red as it looks. It's actually more dark watermelon than bright red.

 Another shot of the border design.

On the bed -

The quilt will easily fit a queen sized bed. In fact, it's a bit long, but that's a good thing! My husband is 6' 3" so he needs a really long quilt. Plus, our four cats always tuck us me into bed at night, and man, do they hog the covers!!! I have to pull them up over my head before Tessie comes to bed if I don't want her to drag them off of me to make a cozy nest for herself at the foot of the bed.

The design comes right to the edge of the bed with the borders falling naturally off of the sides. The end, however, falls a little long. I think a deep tuck under the pillow will solve this problem. : )

 Another view from the other side. Yep, I still like it.

A slight pillow tuck keeps from distorting the diamond shape, but I'm going to need a deeper one to pull that bottom border up where it should be.

A quick word about my photos -

My husband bought me a fantastic Pentax camera (very professional and fancy), but the photos are too large to download onto the blog very easily. Instead, I make do with my lovely little Casio pocket camera. It's not as sharp, and the colors are not as true, but at least the photos download. Plus, I spend more on my fabric than I do on my house, so my rooms are small and dark and my sewing room is the old remodeled garage. It does make it challenging to photograph my quilts well. Lastly, I see lovely photos on other blogs where quilters have taken their quilts outside to take advantage of natural light. How I envy them. Have I mentioned that I live on a small farm? With four dogs, an outdoor cat, and a couple dozen free range chickens? There is nothing flattering about chicken poo on a quilt. : ( 

It doesn't help either that it's been raining for a solid week. Now that it's lighter after work, maybe I can start getting better pictures. I'll try. In the meantime, thanks for bearing with me.

Back to work on Monday -

I'll be spending this weekend catching up on grading, so I probably won't be able to do much more quilting until next week. I'm really pleased with how much I've been able to get done on Spring Break with four (and sometimes five) cats and one husband constantly under foot. If students weren't so annoying about demanding that their papers get graded on a timely basis, I would be able to get at least one more borderless quilt bordered this weekend. Oh well, I bordered four large quilts and bound one large quilt in one week. How's that for productivity? *Broad smile!*

'Til later...


  1. Not usually a fan of red but I really like this one Deb.

    1. Ordinarily, I'm not a fan of red quilts either, Trish, although I do have LOTS of deep red fabrics. I like the cream in this quilt though. I think white and red look stark, but cream and red look rich and warm. So far it's not claimed...


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