Friday, March 9, 2012

Kansas City Troubles and Kansas City Projects

My husband is in his conference, and I am in the motel room watching the housekeeper clean. It doesn't get better than watching someone else clean, does it? I'll leave her a tip when we leave on Sunday.

In the meantime, our Kansas City Troubles haven't been insurmountable yet. I left my face cream at home (Oh no, I'm having to use scented hand lotion on my face!), and my husband left his WaterPic that he uses every night without fail. Oops. Mom called and tried to tell us that he had left it, but we thought we had packed his new travel size. Apparently, it was the travel sized one that she had found, not the larger one. Last small trouble:  my husband, bless his heart, brought me some breakfast., including some strawberry yogurt. A spoon never occurred to him. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what I'm going to do with that yogurt. And did I mention the world's hardest mattress?

On to my Kansas City Projects:

I've been working on this quilt for about five years. I finished the top in no time, but I decided to hand quilt butterflies into the white squares and around the borders. Unfortunately, as this was one of my first quilts, I did not know not to use 60/40 batting for hand quilting. It's been hard going.

Here is one of the butterflies that I've finished. The butterflies are quilted in slightly different colors, using about eight different green and blue and variegated threads.

You probably can't tell the difference, but the top butterfly is worked in blue and this one is worked in a variegated thread. I have 9 of the 36 squares left to finish. Maybe this is the weekend I get them done...

I miss my Sinbad. I hope you're playing with him, Mom. He needs his playtime! Of course, I miss the girls, too. Oh well, just two more days.

Time to get sewing if I intend to get anything done. I hope you have a great sewing day yourself. 'Til later...

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