Thursday, March 15, 2012

Finally, progress on my Tonga Batik quilt again...

Callie (left) - the reason I STILL don't have all four sides of my binding sewn onto this quilt yet. She races me to the sewing room so that she can claim the quilt first. And Maxie (right) - helping Callie anchor the quilt just in case I try any funny stuff.

The left photo (sorry for the shadow) shows the mirror image checkerboard sections of the second border. The right photo shows the checkerboard sewn onto the ends of the border.

Three shots of one side of the second border sewn on. That was as far as I got before Sinnie took over the ironing board. I really like the way this is looking so far. Tonight (if I can reclaim both my sewing machine and my ironing board from the cats) I'm going to make the last two sides of the border and add the cornerstones.

Okay, so now you get to suffer from an overexposure to Sinbad photos. He was having a ball taking over my ironing board last night. He posed shamelessly for the camera.

That paw was poised to spring claws at a moment's notice if I attempted to remove him from his perch. Grrrrr!!! (He's such a faker.)

Trying out his cute look since I didn't buy the threatening one...
(You can see from his naked belly and bare legs that he's still overgrooming from allergies).

Another ferocious, look-at-all-my-teeth look. Grrrr...really, I mean it this time!!!

Believe it or not, he rolled onto his back and just rocked back and forth for a while, waving his back legs in the air. Just having a little fun, I guess. Silly cat.

If I can win the battle of the sewing room tonight, I will get some more photos of the finished second border and the beginning of the third. I already have part of the third border finished; it's more checkerboard. The fourth border is a final, wide, straight-cut border. I can see the end in sight...!

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