Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh, my aching eyes...

Great. My fiftieth post, and it's bad news. You may have read my last post - you know, the story about Sinbad's escape last night. Well while he was out, he apparently walked through some poison ivy. Guess who he slept with last night? Guess who had to stroke his fur to calm him down so he could sleep? Guess who has poison ivy...?

I'm not susceptible to poison ivy. I regularly pull out small plants with my bare hands. I only remember having a reaction to it once, shortly after we moved to Arkansas. I walked through it and got a rash on the bottoms of my feet. I only react if  a very tender area is exposed. Like the bottoms of my feet. Like my eyes.

My eyes are red and puffy and ache like mad, but fortunately, the reaction has not been as severe as it would be if I were more susceptible to it. I expect it to clear up completely in the next couple of days, but I probably won't be able to do much sewing until then. My eyes hurt... (whine)

'Til I can see clearly again and can stop whining and begging for sympathy,

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