Monday, June 25, 2012

Farmer's Market starting to get better.

Welcome, Susan! Thank you for joining my quilting trek. Everyone needs to visit Susan's website and see her beautiful quilts and gorgeous quilting. You can find her at WAZOO! Quilting. Hop on over now and explore. I'll wait here for you to get back.......

Welcome back! Wasn't Susan's site wonderful? : ) Now, time to reveal the ugly truth. I've been hesitent to show you the completed middle of the Farmer's Market quilt, but here it comes.

This is the second block, the one that alternates with the one I showed you last week.

Here it is! The first block. You'll recall that due to some problems I had with the instructions, I had to fall back on some different fabrics than those I had originally chosen. The same thing happened with the alternate blocks.

Here is a photo of the blocks together. See why I've had my doubts? I finally decided that I could live with them but then came the inner border.

The lime green and brown seemed like a good idea at the time. I intend to use both colors quite a bit throughout the quilt, but they look really odd here. More doubts.

The next protion of the assignment calls for a strip of blocks to be sewn to the top of the completed center portion of the quilt. So far, so good. I liked these blocks sewn together. But in the interest of full disclosure, I'll 'fess up to the next problem I encountered. Because the instructions had me cut some of the fabrics a little small to get them to work the way they were supposed to, I adjusted my needle position from 3.7 to 4.0. That worked great. The pieces finally fit well enough for me to continue. Unfortunately, I continued at the 4.0 needle position. Those few threads difference made a full inch difference in the size of my finished center. Instead of being 36.5 inches square, it's 37.5 inches. Even more unfortunately, I had tried (okay, okay, I wasn't thinking!) to return to my normal needle positon. That means that the upper strip was a full inch too short to add to the center. Coping strip time! I think I'll be using a lot of coping strips to make this quilt work.  

 This is the center block in the strip. Again, I like it.

And here is the final portion. Again, I love the way these turned out. A lot of colors here.
 The entire strip.

I was trying to take my photos on the floor since the background is neutral and the lighting is better, but I was being crowded out by Tessie, who did not want me to move the chair she was sleeping in. I've done the best I can.  

Final shot of the day. This is the top strip sewn onto the center. I know, the top is on the side, but see the photo above for why I couldn't get a better shot of this. The sunlight coming in the window onto the carpet washed out the upper right hand side of the photo. Sorry.

Anyway, I'm hoping that as I continue to add more colors, the quilt will continue to improve. See my blue coping strip bottom right? There'll be more of them. I'll have to start making them fancier, huh?

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  1. Hands down the ugliest quilt ever! How many quilts have I said that about only to love them later.

    1. I resent that! I have made at leaast two quilts that have been uglier than this one!


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