Saturday, June 23, 2012


Okay, thanks to having to ditch three of my favorite fabrics due to misleading instructions, I'm now running into problems. I replaced those perfectly colored, perfectly matched fabrics with whatever came to hand first, and now I'm having sewer's regret. I know that every quilt goes through an "ungy teen" period, but this one is starting early. I am going to persevere and continue bravely forward, but I'm not showing any more photos until I it get a little farther along. The blocks were okay. The interior border was lovely. But when I put the two together...? Let's see what happens today and go from there.



  1. I hope it works itself out!!

    1. It's starting to look a little more promising, Rachel. I made a few more small blocks and they seem to be trying to pull the colors together a bit. I hate those quilt teenage acne days! Thanks for the encouragement!


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