Friday, June 29, 2012

More Farmer's Market

I'm still having fits with this quilt, but I WILL get it done. One way or another. Here's today's progress. The top three photos are the four sections of the last block of the strip. Huh? Anyway, I showed you the first two blocks yesterday. These finish that strip.

Here is the strip sewn onto the bottom of the middle section. I have now completed the middle section, a top strip, and the bottom strip. I've started on one of the side blocks, but due to some more size issues with the cutting instructions, I've had to rip out most of the block, recut some of the pieces, and resew the block. I'll show you that one tomorrow. Right now I'm not talking to it. *pout*

I may take a couple days off and do some calming binding. Mom just brought by my cream and blue quilt. She quilted it and cut it down for me. Now I'm back to three quilts just waiting on binding. I've been WAY too productive this year! I'll try to get some photos of the cream and blue quilt tomorrow. My husband and I have been clearing out the pasture, the fence line, and the old gardens every morning before the temp hits 100. Between that and actual *gasp* housework, my sewing day has been drastically shortened, but I'll work in some time and let you know my progress.

Until then,

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