Friday, June 8, 2012


Well, I went back to my owl wallhanging last night. My petals this time actually look really good, if I do say so myself! And I do.  : ) I'll get some photos this weekend and post them. I'm almost finished with binding my Harvest Time quilt. I need to bind my Black and Blue quilt next.

I also finished a girl's baby quilt and Mom quilted it for my this week. That means three quilts in need of or in the process of being bound. Whew!

Final thoughts on Bandit:

Well, I was right about Sinbad missing Bandit. Sinnie slept with me all night last night. He first curled up on my shoulder where I could pet him and reassure him. He then alternately sprawled across my chest, flopped across my throat, and wrapped himself around my knee. For the last couple of months, Sinnie has slept inside the sunroom near the window with Bandit sleeping in his catnip garden on the other side. Sinnie sat in the suroom and saw everything when I brought Bandit home and when my husband took carried him away for burial. I grieve for Bandit and feel sorry for Sinnie.

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