Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Return of the Owl Quilt

I couldn't resist sharing this photo. I was leaving work yesterday and happened to look out across the parking lot. My first impression was, "Oh my gosh, that tree sank into the ground!" All of the trees are Bradford Pears, but that one was damaged. It grew a perfect shape, but without a trunk! I'm so easily amused. ; )

Yesterday a friend of mine shamed me into taking another try at my owl quilt. I've been suffering major bursitis in my elbow due to all of the binding that I've been doing in the last few months. That has served as an excuse for me to ignore my applique. I've been less than impressed at my ability to make flower petals, but I tried again last night, and I think I've actually improved thanks to my time off! I guess I'll work on it some more until I get too dissatisfied, then I'll take another two weeks off. Of course, at that rate it'll take me years to get this wallhanging finished... Oh well, where's the hurry right? : )

See ya later,

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