Monday, June 18, 2012

New project

Yes, yes, I know. This is supposed to be the year of "completions." I'm supposed to be working diligently on my To Do List. But I have a problem... Every time I get a quilt done, I have to bind it. I'm stacking up! It's time to start a new project in the certain knowledge that I won't be able to finish it this year and have to bind it. Oh, and did I mention that I finally finished binding my Harvest Time quilt. I still have to make a label. In the meantime, I'm already binding the Eureka! Black and Blue quilt. Only two more waiting for me after that one.

Remember this pattern? I ordered it about six weeks ago.

Well I started it yesterday. It takes about 60 or so fat quarters. What it doesn't say is that if you make it the same way the pattern shows, fat quarters won't work for the center squares. Hmmmmm. On to Plan B. Yep, mine is going to look a little different. Don't you just love the colors? They're perfect! So, of course, mine won't look anything like it. So far, my quilt is looking like a very large, and extremely complex, baby quilt. Sigh. Oh well, give me time. I'll spice it up. ; )

And yes, I know my Owl Quilt was supposed to be my new project splurge this year. And believe it or not, it's sitting here on the desk in front of me. I've been working on it this morning. But let's face it. It's applique. Not only is it guaranteed to not be finished this year, it's pretty much guaranteed to be my pet project for the decade! This Farmer's Market, complicated as it  looks, won't take nearly as long. That is if I stop cutting my fabric incorrectly. : (   It's a good thing that so many of the blocks take the same types of pieces. I can use those lights that I cut instead of the mediums in another spot later on. Now that's the kind of pattern I like! And if another block doesn't need those pieces? Why, I'll make some changes and create a block that does. I'm not wasting my fabric!

I'll take pictures of my fabrics soon. Naturally, I was supposed to pick out 24 darks - I have about 35. I was supposed to choose 39 lights and mediums - I have about 50 set aside. I have such a hard time choosing. I figure the right colors and fabrics will come to me as I need them. The rest will go back into my stash for the next quilt.

Back to work on my owls. I'm still "petalling" away!


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