Wednesday, June 13, 2012

LOTS of quilt pictures!

I have lots of new pictures for you tonight! First is a photo of the fabrics that I used in a Turning Twenty Mystery Quilt that I started at a retreat several years ago. And, shhh! There's a secret! I'll tell you in a minute!

I had some of the blocks sewn together wrong from when I first worked on it years ago, so I avoided "unsewing" until this last weekend. I was finally in the mood to "redesign some seams," so I got started. This is the center before I got started on the borders. My last classes at work are Friday, so maybe I'll have some time to finish the borders this weekend and show them to you next week. By the way, please ignore the black weed blocker and rain water jugs in the background. I won't have time to tidy up outside until I get out for the summer. However, you may admire my diplendia blossoms in the background! : )

Now, are you ready for the surprise? I've finally finished my Harvest Quilt. Okay, okay, I still have one side of binding to finish. Anyway, I started both of these quilts at the same time. Why? They're both the same mystery quilt! What a difference fabric selection makes! I LOVE the rich colors of the Harvest quilt, while the pink quilt is a little too sugary for my tastes. I'll have to wait and see how it looks when it's finished.

Gratuitous Sinbad picture! He had to know what I was doing outside.

Here's a quilt you haven't seen before. Mom just quilted this little child's quilt for me last week, so I don't have it bound yet. I'm back to three quilts waiting to be bound now and another one that I just dropped off to mom this afternoon. Help!

By the way, did you recognize the leftover centers from this quilt? I hate to throw out leftovers. I just added in a bunch of coordinating colors in a simple 36 patch and sewed them together. Easy baby blanket!

My begonia half hidden by one of the diplendias.The diplendia keeps the begonia from getting too much sun. Don't you love the matching pots? Ooohh, Sinbad's getting a belly!

One of my clemetis plants in bloom. I have some mandevilla coming up beside it. Those blossoms should be open in a day or two. My, do I need to scrub my bird bath! Come on summer vacation!!! I need some outdoor time!

I bought a darling drooping tree. I want to plant it in the garden, but right now the weeds are taller than the tree! The poor thing will just have to live in a pot on my landing until it grows up some.

More quilt photos. Can you tell I'm in love with this Tonga Batik quilt? It's one of my favorites of all of my quilts, and, I hate to admit, the only quilt that I have ever made by completely following a pattern. Although I will say that it was a block of the month, but I used my own fabrics for it. It was supposed to be much darker, in rich cranberries and golds. The original was beautiful (and I've added the fabrics to my stash!), but I LOVE these cooler colors in blues and greens.

Okay, I'm all pictured out! I hope you enjoyed them.

See ya later,

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