Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just checking in...

No quilt photos today. I have finished two more small sections on my Farmer's Market quilt, but I haven't taken any pics yet. I've been spending a lot of my time trying to catch up on all of the tasks that I neglect during the school year. I've gotten a lot of house cleaning done (remember the helmet to the face the other day!), but today I concentrated on the outside. My husband has been working hard clearing out the pasture and the fence line, so I joined him this morning. I cleared out the deadwood from the crepe myrtles that died back in the rough winter before last. They've come back from the base, but there's a lot of dead stuff still hanging around.

We here in Arkansas have been charging head first into a severe drought with record high temperatures. We can't feel sorry for ourselves, though, considering what Colorado is suffering. My husband and I looked into moving to Colorado Springs two years ago. We finally decided to stay where we are, but it's frightening to know that we could have been in the middle of that. We do, however, have cousins on my husband's side who do live in Colorado Springs. They're away from the fire area, but we'll call and check on them tomorrow.

So here's a pink rose from my garden earlier this spring to remind us in Arkansas and Colorado that things will eventually get better. And I have a chicken yard full of active baby chicks that also act as a daily reminder of normalcy.

I'll try to check in again tomorrow before my Q.U.I.L.T. guild meeting tomorrow night. I get to show off three of my recently finished quilts during Show and Tell. Brag time!



  1. Hi Debbie! You are so sweet to stop by my blog -Fishcreek Studio, and cheer me on! So here I am- we will complete these projects!I love all the colors in your quilt! I took a break tonight from Retro Flowers and put cut blocks for a swap and borders for my Central Park Jelly Roll quilt -- nice long straight lines! LOL! Thanks again for the kind words. PS. did you know you are a "no reply blogger"? I tried to email you but couldn't. No big deal, just thought I would mention it. :)

    1. Hi right back, Ginny! No, I did not know I'm a "No Reply" blogger. Thank you for letting me know! I've set my profile settings the way that the Internet says to in order to enable replies, but I guess I have something wrong. I'll try to do some more research to determine what that is.

      In the meantime, thank you for the encouragement. I love my colors also; I'm just struggling with loving them all TOGETHER... I'm never very confident - or competent! - with scrappy quilts. There's still a long way to go, so we'll see. Yours is great in part because you're using a consistent white as a background. I never buy white, and there's no real place in this pattern for a consistent background. It will be busy! Thanks again!


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