Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fence Lines and Farmer's Market

This is how my husbnad and I have been spending our time off since I got out of school. My husband mowed the pasture, and we've been clearing the fence lines. Since we don't keep livestock, we haven't worried about the fences in several years and the trees had grown tall and thick. I liked the privacy, but some of the trees were growing over our septic lines. They had to come out. So did the trees growing into the fence.

Below is a picture of Henry. He's old, but still works well enough. No, Henry's not my husband! That's my husband driving Henry.  : )

Here's a look at the piles of brush that we need to burn. We're currently in a severe drought, so we have to wait until we get lots of rain, but we'll be ready with lots to burn. All of that stuff in the background is piles of brush and trees. Look at all of that dead grass. That should be a tall field of green grass waiting to be cut and baled. Instead, it's just bare ground and dry, dead stuff. Come on rain!

Below is another block for my Farmer's Market quilt. This actually has a half block surround of checkerboard, but I took the photo before I made that portion. This goes on the upper right of the middle section.

Here is the next block. It goes below the one pictured above. I love the blues and burnt orange in this one.

I have the last block of this section finished, but I don't have a photo yet. Tomorrow is my lovely husband's birthday, so I don't know if I'll be doing much sewing. You may not hear from me until Monday. If not, have a great Sunday!

'Til then,

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